The new Swedish Civil Rights Movement wishes to apologize to the syrian freedomfighters.

It is with the upmost surprize that we today got the knowledge of the Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildts reluctant to support the Syrian Freedomfighters.

Words cannot describe our feelings enough, disgust desn't really is enough of a word.

We just want it to be known that this is NOT the opinion of the Swedish people.
It is Carl Bildts and his alone.

So on the behalf of the new swedish civil rights movement and without a shadow of a doubt, the swedish people, we apologize for this inhuman decision to not support your struggle.

Niklas Starow
The New Swedish Civil Rights Movement.

Censorship is a cowards solution Mr Cameron.

In the aftermath of the hostilities and riots in Britain, Prime minister Cameron is calling out for different kinds of repressive solutions.
Close down twitter, ban anonymity and so on.

That is a cowards solution.

Look at Egypt, Tunisia and Libya.
What was their leaders answer to the riots there?
Closing down the internet, imprison facebook-users.

The retoric from Prime Minister Cameron is to close to the retorics from Ghadaffi and Mubarak for my taste.

The answer to attacks on society cannot be censorship.
As the Prime minister of Norway so accurately said after the horrific terrorist attacks by A.B Breivik..

"The Norwegian response to violence is more democracy, more openness and greater political participation,"

It's a pity that James Cameron doesn't believe in that response.

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Help Orphan works remain Orphan works. Contact your MEP.

Yes, here we go.
The European Parliament are deciding on what to do with orphan works. (wiki)
The copyrignt-industry wants to make money from it (as usual, even when they don't have the rights)

So please, write to your MEP and argue that Orphan Works must remain Orphan works.
Ask them, plead them, beg them if you have to, to go for Option 2.

As usual.
Copy and spread!

Niklas S.
The New Swedish Civil Rights Movement.

"The creation of a legal framework to facilitate the cross-border digitisation and dissemination of orphan works in the single market is also one of the key actions identified in the Digital Agenda for Europe which is part of the Europe 2020 Strategy.

IMPACT ASSESSMENT: the impact assessment analyses six options:


  • Option 1: do nothing,
  • Option 2: a statutory exception to copyright, <------ THIS IS WHAT WE ARE WOO'ING FOR!!!
  • Option 3: extended collective licensing,
  • Option 4: an orphan-specific licence granted by collecting societies,
  • Option 5: an orphan-specific licence granted by a public body, and
  • Option 6: the mutual recognition of national solutions regarding orphan works.


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Leaked web censorship plans. (copy and spread)

Got this in my mail.
Copy and spread!

"Leaked web censorship plans"


Yesterday, new plans for website censorship were leaked to digital rights campaigner James Firth. Yet again the leaked plans were written by copyright lobby groups, and had been presented to Culture Minister Ed Vaizey marked “confidential”.



The public weren’t meant to see these censorship plans. Copyright lobbyists want the minister to agree to “industry self-regulation”, where “experts” appointed by film, record and TV executives would decide what Internet sites would be banned in the UK.


With a fig leaf of judicial oversight, these sites would be banned without any hope of a trial or meaningful court procedure. Ask your MP to prevent these dangerous plans.


Last month, a report from the United Nations stated plainly that such website bans would risk severe impacts on our freedom of expression unless strictly controlled and approved by courts.


The same report condemned the UK for its plans to disconnect users for downloading copyright material. The author, Frank La Rue, said he was “alarmed” by the UK's Digital Economy Act and said we should repeal it as an infringement of our free expression.


Please tell your MP about these illegal plans


Please write to your MP to let them know that the UK is heading towards Internet censorship and breaches of fundamental rights. Let them know that plans are being drafted by entertainment lobbyists, who are trying to hide them from the public. Our free speech is in danger.

Thank you

Jim Killock, Executive Director


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The attempt to give ENISA Law-enforcement status gives me the creeps, but why?

Its this passage that makes my skin crawl.

"Out of several options the Commission chose to propose an expansion of the tasks of ENISA and to add law enforcement and data protection authorities as fully fledged members of its permanent stakeholders’ group. The new list of tasks does not include operational ones, but updates and reformulates the current tasks."

Is it because every time i read about "stakeholders" in terms of legistation, it means copyright-lobbyists of some sort?
Or is it that One More Agency gets the rights to use extraordinary means to look into our private lives?

I don't know, but it just gives me the creeps.
The same kind of creeps i got the first time i red about the "INDECT"-project.

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Dear Glenmorangie destillery, from a former customer - how about i make you go bust? (the Luis Vuitton-scandal)

This is about Nadia Pleisner and her struggle to ease poverty and starvation in Darfur.
She made a t-shirt with a motive of a starving child holding a chihuahua and a luxuary-handbag.
The t-shirt sold in plenty and she could therefore use the money to send off supplies to the starving population of Darfur.


Luis Vuitton thought that the handbag looked like one of theirs.
So they sued her, and won.
So she made a painting instead, claiming artistic freedom.
And they sued her again, and won because in the Dutch court you can sue and win without the counterpart even having the knowledge about it's even been i court.

This is madness.

So what can i do?

The one thing i can do, write about it.

Through Henrik Alexandersson i found out that the Luis Vuitton HM owns quite a few brands and one in particular is one i use, i wrote them this letter.

Hello, my name is Niklas Starow, resident of Lund - Sweden.
I have been a whiskey-connoisseur for at least 15 years now and in my favourites is your 18yo and the port wood finish.

But i am also a human rights activist, writing columns and blogging at Scaber Nestor ( and The new Swedish civil rights movement ( aswell as my political involvement in the Swedish Liberal Democratic Party. (

And since your owner Luis Vuitton HM has sued and managed to win that lawsuit against Nadia Pleisner, who fights against powerty and starvation in the Darfur-region, i have no other choice then to stop buying and drinking your brand until that unjust lawsuit has been laid down.

Yours truly.

Niklas Starow
Former customer.

This is actually really easy.
If they loose more then five grand per day....
They will go bust.

These are some the brands that LVHM owns.
Hennessy, Moët & Chandon, Dom Pérignon, Veuve Clicquot, Krug, Glenmorangie, Bulgari, Château d'Yquem, Kenzo, Givenchy, Christian Dior, TAG Heuer

Lets make them go bust.

Here's the picture.

Sue me if you dare you c*ntfaced motherf*ckers.

DN, DR, AFP, Le Parisien.
Tankestörningar, TrulyTherese, Christian Engström, Henry, Viktualiebrodern, Torbjörn Jerlerup, Jami och Pandorna, Farmor Gun, Opassande.

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If Scott Walker (R-Gov Wisconsin) could, he would do a "Khadaffi" on his citizens.

From SR (swe), Chicago Mag and Huffington Post i read about the North-Central US answer to Libya's Colonel Khadaffi, Scott Walker (republican Governor of Wisconsin).

Is this joker for real?

He tries to do budget-cuts that arn't necessary while spitting the union organizations in the face and has issued arrest-orders on the political opposition?

It's my opinion that this Governor is out of his fucking mind.
Yes, it's not really well handled by the democrats skipping off to Illonois, but the actions Goc Walker is issuing is way out of proportion.

Hopefully this will reflect on the next elections.
Unless Gov Walker psycotic break takes on a whole new level and he does a "khadaffi" on his citizens.

I actually think he's capable of it....

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Geert Wilders is a fucking hypocrite.

Geert Wilders, Dutch racist politician, has published muhammed-caricatures and other stuff in protection of "freedom of speech".
But when he himself has been honoured with one for himself, he turned psychotic, proving he is nothing but a racist hiding behind the "freedom of speech".
His racist tail of followers send death-treats to a radio-station who had published a caricature of Mr Wilders and himself demanding censorship.

So much for "freedom of speech" you fucking hypocrite.

What to do?
Spread the caricature to the world.
2-dime racists will never win this battle.

Here's the caricature, copy and spread.

In my world, theres room for both caricatures and minarets.

Scaber Nestor, Expo, Opinionsbloggen, Stockholmsfolket.

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Support the Egyptian Democracy Movement! - Walk Like An Egyptian!

From the blog "Scaber Nestor".

The Swedish LiberalDemocratic Party supports the Egyptian Democracy Movement!

Copy and spread!

AB, AB2, DN, DN2, Expr, Expr2, HAX, MMK, AT, SvD.

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Western Union makes Billions in skimming working poors money transfers.

Got a mail.

Publishing it in its whole.
Also published at Scaber Nestor.

Dear friends.

This holiday season, Josh, a Kenyan student in the Netherlands, scraped together a year's worth of savings and sent it home to support 10 struggling family members. Shockingly, the giant money transfer company Western Union skimmed off 20% of the cash meant for Josh's family in fees.

Josh’s story is painfully retold every day, the world over, on a staggering scale -- an estimated $44.3 billion worldwide was lost in transfer fees last year! The World Bank recommends that transaction costs not exceed 5% of the total, but Western Union has never faced serious pressure to lower its crippling charges. If we unite in a global outcry now, we can expose its predatory practices when its carefully crafted, family-friendly image is most vulnerable: the giving season.

Josh's generosity -- and that of millions of workers around the world -- shouldn't go to waste! Let's call on Western Union to lower its fees to 5% for the poorest countries, and when the petition reaches 250,000 we’ll deliver it to the company’s image-sensitive board of directors. Sign now and then forward this to friends and family:

Sacrifices like Josh’s dwarf foreign governmental aid every year and provide a vital lifeline to the world’s poorest economies. Slashing the obscene profits of companies like Western Union would dramatically increase assistance flowing into developing countries. Instead, families around the world received far less than they deserved so that Western Union's CEO could take home $8.1 million in 2009.

The World Bank recommends that transfer companies limit fees to 5% of the amount being transferred, but some banks and companies have astronomical hidden charges. Perversely, the neediest countries coming out of war or disaster suffer the greatest losses, because of transfer companies' monopolistic privileges and exclusive deals with local banks.

The yearly savings of men and women laboring in hospitals, construction sites and restaurants end up padding Western Union's profits. The company funds charity projects to improve its corporate image – but these do nothing to hide the massive inequity that their business model perpetrates. Let's raise our voices loudly to support true generosity during the holiday season – and help bring immediate benefits to workers and the relatives they sustain. Together we can make sure that needy families – rather than CEOs – benefit from holiday giving:

When citizens around the world stand together to protest injustice, we can force back unchecked greed and inequality – as we've done together before. Buoyed by the warmth and empathy of the holiday season, let's make sure that generous gifts arrive where they're most needed.

With hope and gratitude,

Luis, Stephanie, Graziela, David, Paula, Ben, and the rest of the Avaaz team


Western Union CEO's pay more than triples in 2009, Associated Press:

Past Time for Remittance Justice, ACORN International:

World Bank Remittance Pricing resource:

Support the Avaaz community! We're entirely funded by donations and receive no money from governments or corporations. Our dedicated team ensures even the smallest contributions go a long way -- donate here.

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I Am Spartacus - We Are Wikileaks - C O N F I D E N T I A L SECTION 01 OF 02 MADRID 000569

I Am Spartacus - We Are wikileaks.

Do it yourselves, pick out a random wikileaks document and publish it.

This is my contribution.

Others in the "I Am Spartacus"-campaign.

Scaber Nestor, Olof[Beta], Torbjörn Jerlerup, Lennart Regebro, sugbloggen.

C O N F I D E N T I A L SECTION 01 OF 02 MADRID 000569



E.O. 12958: DECL: 02/11/2015

REF: STATE 25063

Classified By: Political Counselor Kathleen M. Fitzpatrick,
reasons 1.4(b) and (d).

¶1. (C) Summary: The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs'
chief official for Andean countries informed poloff February
9 that a majority of officials at the MFA are as perplexed as
the U.S. is at President Jose Luis Rodriquez Zapatero's
policy of building closer relations with Venezuela's Hugo
Chavez. Juan Carlos Sanchez (please protect) explained
Zapatero's Venezuela policy is being run from Moncloa and the
MFA is left to try to influence the policy as much as
possible. Most MFA officials, according to Sanchez, see no
benefits and only downsides for Spain in closer relations
with Venezuela. They understand Zapatero's moves do not work
to promote democracy or stability in the region and will only
serve to further strain relations with the U.S., Colombia and
other countries in the region. End summary.

¶2. (C) Poloff met February 9 with Sanchez, the MFA's Deputy
Director General for the Andean Community (DAS-equivalent) to
discuss Spain's policy toward Venezuela and Colombia.
(Sanchez replaced Ernesto de Zulueta as the Andean DDG in
December 2004). Poloff began the meeting telling Sanchez
that in general the U.S. was extremely perplexed at Spain's
developing relationship with Venezuela and Hugo Chavez, and
believed the Spanish government was on the wrong side of the
equation in terms of promoting democracy in the region and
avoiding conflicts between Venezuela and Colombia.

¶3. (C) In a surprisingly frank reply, Sanchez (please
protect) said he and "the great majority" of his colleagues
in the Foreign Ministry were "equally perplexed" at
Zapatero's moves to build closer relations with Chavez. He
specifically noted (again, please protect) that more senior
officials involved with Latin American affairs at the MFA
share this view. Sanchez, who has served in Caracas,
explained that neither he nor many others in the MFA saw any
benefit accruing to Spain from Zapatero's policy, rather
quite the opposite: Zapatero's cozying up to Chavez will
only needlessly anger the United States and Colombia. "We
don't understand the policy or the reason for it," remarked

¶4. (C) On Zapatero's canceling of a planned stop in Caracas
during his recent visit to South America, Sanchez said the
MFA strongly urged Zapatero not to make the stop, believing
it would be a serious mistake, but in the end it was
Colombian President Alvaro Uribe's direct intervention with
Zapatero (somewhat heated, according to Sanchez) that
ultimately led Zapatero to cancel the stop. Sanchez said he
and his MFA colleagues were at a loss to explain why Zapatero
then "secretly" sent Minister of Defense Bono to Caracas. If
the purpose of the visit was to lobby Chavez to purchase
military ships from Spain's ailing Izar shipyards, the
prevailing view at the MFA is that placating, probably only
temporarily, Izar's agitated ship workers was not worth
damaging Spain's relations with the U.S., Colombia and

¶5. (C) Moreover, Sanchez emphasized, selling any kind of
armaments to Venezuela at this time "makes no sense at all,"
particularly in light of the Zapatero government's decision
in 2004 to cancel the sale of "a few second or third hand
tanks" to Colombia, purportedly because Madrid was concerned
the sale could upset the military balance between Venezuela
and Colombia. "If Bono had justified canceling the sale
based on the idea that tanks are not well suited to fighting
an insurgency, that would be one thing," said Sanchez, "but
having canceled the sale supposedly to avoid tipping the
military balance in the region, we at the MFA understand how
incongruous discussions with Venezuela about purchasing
armaments from Spain now look."

¶6. (C) Sanchez said that Venezuela policy is being run out
of Moncloa (the presidency) and that the MFA is left trying
to influence the policy as much as possible. "The MFA wants
relations with the U.S. repaired, not further damaged by a
policy of building closer relations to Hugo Chavez, which
produces no tangible benefits for Spain," said Sanchez. The
MFA understands the U.S. also strongly disagrees with Spain's
Cuba policy, but the MFA feels it can articulate a reasonable
basis for the Zapatero government's position on Cuba. "There
is no reasonable basis for our Venezuela policy," said
Sanchez. The MFA understands Spain should be on the right
side of democracy and regional security, and that Venezuela
is going in the wrong direction. The MFA is doing its best
to persuade Moncloa of this.

¶7. (C) Poloff said the U.S. strongly urges Zapatero not to
visit Caracas in March as we understand he is tentatively
planning to do. Sanchez replied that the MFA understands the
U.S. position and is seeking to postpone the visit. At a
minimum, the MFA wants to see Zapatero visit Bogota on the
same trip if Zapatero does go to Caracas in March.

¶8. (C) Poloff's conversation with Sanchez took place before
we received reftel concerning Venezuelan attempts to purchase
certain armaments. We will follow up with both the MFA and
Moncloa on the arms question, and more generally on further
developments in the Zapatero government's evolving policy
toward Venezuela.


The new Swedish "Surveillance-tax".

DNMR's Niklas Starow writes on Second Opinion about the Data-retention directive and how it forces a new "surveillance-tax" on the citicens..

Here is a part of it.


"Om man läser igenom lagrådets remissvar tas det bara upp att allmänna medel måste tillföras, men hur mycket kan vi bara spekulera om fram tills regeringen går ut med en faktisk summa. Vilket innebär att man antingen inte räknat på det eller att man inte vill berätta det. Oavsett vilket så kan man dra slutsatsen att:

Datalagringsdirektivets införande innebär att det måste införas något som närmast kan liknas vid en "övervakningsskatt"."


Rough Translation:

"If you read the legislation council's (?) consultation response you only see that public funds will be provided, but how much we can only speculate about until the government goes out with an actual sum.
Which means that they either have not calculated on it or they just don't want to say.
Either way, it can be concluded that:

Data Retention Directive's introduction implies the need to implement something that can only bel called a "surveillance tax". "

DN, Expr, PB, TV4, Oscar, Johannes, Scaber Nestor.

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Free Kareem.

Från Free Kareem's supportsida.

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information reports that Kareem is being beaten at the State Security Intelligence (SSI) headquarters in Alexandria where he was held illegally for the past five days. The press release notes that Kareem has completed his full sentence and should therefore be released. A translation of the report’s highlights are below:


On the 6th of November Kareem Amer was released from the Borj Al Arab prison, where he was held for years, and his official release was meant to be processed, however he was detained by the State Security Intelligence in Alexandria where he faced beatings by a junior officer as well as an order for his continued detainment.


Gamal Eid, the director of the Arab Network for Human Rights Information, said that these practices against an unarmed prisoner is creating a climate of hatred against the police forces in general and the State Security Intelligence officials in particular. Kareem already spent years of punishment and his release is now a legal obligation, therefore why is he being beaten and held illegally?


The network stresses that holding a prisoner under these conditions despite having completed the sentence given four years ago is an injustice that people will not be willing to forget. Egypt’s ministry of interior will have to one day answer for these crimes. The ministry in question, with all its soldiers and officers, are not more powerful than a person’s right.


Hax, RWW, btnafas, mideast youth.

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Suspected Prime-minister killer and member of "baton-league" elected for the ruling party in Sweden.

Anti Avsan, member of the notorious "baton-league" (Norrmalmspolisens Batong-liga) who assaulted and at atleast one occation suspected in the murder of homeless/drug-attics members of the community, and suspect in the "police-trace" in the murder of Prime minister Olof Palme (Dekoriamannen) has been elected into the parliament for the ruling party, the Conservative Moderate party.

4 years ago 2 ministers were kicked out because of not paying the TV-license and hiring a nanny without paying taxes.

But a (suspected) Prime Minister-killer seems to be OK.

Theres something wrong i the kingdom of Sweden.

Scaber Nestor, Arnesdotter, Sven Anér.
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Varför agerar inte UD? Måste det bli en namninsamling varje gång mänskliga rättigheter ignoreras?

Hämtar från Scaber Nestor som i sin tur hämtat från Nordic Dervish ang hängningen av Sakine Ashtiani.


"En av killarna i Green Democracy (som jag skrivit om tidigare) kontaktade mig ang. texten nedan som han hade försökt få publicerad i flera olika tidningar…
Då ingen av kontaktade publikationer publicerade texten lägger jag upp den här. Jag tog mig friheten att feta till vissa delar."

Aftonbladet samlar in namnunderskrifter på nätet för att lämna över till den Iranska Ambassaden i hopp om att rädda Sakine Ashtianis liv. Det är underbart att se hur medmänskligheten sträcker sig över kultur och nationsgränser, över 100’000 människor har redan skrivit på och antalet ökar kontinuerligt.
Men frågan är varför Aftonbladet ska behöva göra UD:s jobb? I det politiska system som råder i Sverige har Utrikesdepartementet som uppgift att framföra Sverige och svenskarnas åsikter till andra länder. En del av detta arbete görs genom kommunikation med ambassadörer från respektive land.

När Aftonbladet tar ett sådant initiativ så innebär det att UD inte har uppfyllt sin plikt och därför behöver andra organisationer/företag representera det svenska folkets röst gentemot ett annat land.
Sakines liv är viktigt och samtidigt får vi inte glömma alla de andra som fallit offer och som kommer att utlämnas åt den här regimen om vi inte agerar. 

I en artikel härom veckan tog Bildt t.o.m. åt sig äran för uppskjutningen av Sakines avrättning, ödmjukt nog delade han äran med övriga utrikesministrar i EU. Återigen var det han och hans kollegors strävanden bakom stängda dörrar som hade bidragit till detta. De aktioner som det svenska folket aldrig såg eller hörde.
Bildt bör förstå att vi idag lever i IT-revolutionens era där informationen uppdateras konstant och sanningen sprids med ljusets hastighet. Att leva kvar i tron att människor tror på vad jag än säger bara för att jag har ett visst ämbete är bara sorgligt. Idag vill folk se initiativtaganden och politiker som agerar!

I samma artikel menade Bildt att Aftonbladets kampanj är sent ute och att den borde ha ägt rum för fyra månader sen. För ca fyra månader sen överlämnades ett första brev till UD (undertecknad av flera organisationer inkl. Green Democracy) med en tydlig vädjan om att kalla in den iranska ambassadören och ställa honom till svars för de förbrytelser mot mänskliga rättigheter som begås i landet.Då rörde det sig om fem avrättade människorättsaktivister, idag om en tvåbarnsmamma. Samtliga, oskyldiga offer för det totalitära förtrycket.
Efter flera brev utan svar drogs kampanjen ”UD Act – Dags att agera” igång. Denna kampanj går ut på att samla fysiska underskrifter på ett långt tygstycke från folk över hela Sverige som kräver att UD ska kalla in den Iranska ambassadören för att protestera mot MR-brott som begås av regimen. Det handlar inte om att göra något för Iran utan att särskilja Sverige från de länder som sätter ekonomiska intressen före grundläggande mänskliga rättigheter
Carl Bildt! Det är dags att agera!

I nuläget behöver inte den iranska ambassadören bry sig om den hög med underskrifter som de kommer att få därför att UD:s ovilja att ta ställning ger felaktiga signaler till den iranska regimen. Det är först när man agerar på diplomatisk nivå som budskapet når fram.
Tyvärr lyser de diplomatiska agerandena med sin frånvaro och Carl Bildts taktik är att påstå att UD, med honom i spetsen, agerar bakom stängda dörrar. Det är helt genialiskt, ingen ser eller hör vad han gör och därför kan ingen kritisera honom. Under det gångna året när UD inte reagerat mot MR-brott i Iran har handeln med Iran fortsatt i samma takt, Carl Bildt och näringsministern gick t.o.m. emot hela EU för att hindra de ekonomiska sanktionerna från att skada handeln med Iran.

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