MPAA: "The MPAA and our member companies support the goals of the ACTA"

This is the letter from "MOTION PICTURE ASSOCIATION  OF AMERICA, INC." also known as MPAA, to Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The MPAA really loves ACTA.....

And before reading, you do know why they can love the content of ACTA?
They have total insight on the work.

How come lobbyist organizations have free insight and the citizens don't?
Ask your local member of parliament..... its their choice to censor it for the public eye.

Niklas Starow - The New Swedish Civil Rights Movement.

MPAA letter re ACTA

C&C reports:

Also today on Capitol Hill, the Senate Judiciary Committee today unanimously approved the nomination of Victoria Espinel to be the first White House Intellectual Enforcement Coordinator, better known as the "IP Czar." Here are the Judiciary Committee materials on Espinel, including her responses to the committee's questionnaire.

Facts abot ACTA in Swedish here:

in English:

ACTA at wikileaks:
here, here, here.

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