EuroISPA stödjer tillägg 138.

Fick detta pressmeddelande i mailen som jag väljer att publicera.

/Niklas Starow - DNMR.

The European Association of Internet Service Providers (EuroISPA) urges
the European Parliament to continue to support citizens' Fundamental Rights.

EuroISPA strongly supports the principles laid down by the amendment 138
as adopted by the European Parliament in its second reading with an
overwhelming majority. We believe that unrestricted access to the
Internet is an integral part of Fundamental Freedoms, providing a secure
business environment and protecting citizens' civil liberties.

Any restriction of an individual to those rights should only be taken
following a prior judicial ruling. Only a court can guarantee a
proportionate, balanced decision, respectful of the Fundamental Rights
of Information, Privacy and Communication.

Being a matter of Fundamental Rights for European citizens and
businesses, it would be unwise to give Member States excessive scope
regarding the application of the relevant rules. Otherwise, there is a
considerable risk of varying and arbitrary implementation, the result of
which would damage both citizens' rights and the Single Market.

EuroISPA urges the European Parliament to fully respect the democratic
mandate received from European citizens' and defend the principles laid
down in the Charter of Fundamental Rights on Freedom of Expression and
Information and the European Convention for Human Rights.

Notes to Editors: EuroISPA is the world's largest association of
Internet Service Providers (ISPs), representing the interests of over
1700 ISPs across Europe. With a Secretariat in Brussels, EuroISPA is a
major voice of the Internet industry on information society subjects
such as cybercrime, data protection, e-commerce regulation, EU
telecommunications law and safe use of the Internet. Further information
about the organisation (including its composition, aims and position
papers) are available from its website:

Andrea D'Incecco

Public Affairs Manager
EuroISPA - European Internet Services Providers Association
Rue Montoyer 39
1000 Brussels
T: +32 (0)2 503.22.65
F: +32 (0)2 503.42.95

EuroISPA is the world's largest association of Internet Services
Providers, representing over 1700 ISPs across Europe.

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