Act against Ofcom's targeting of alleged philesharers. NOW!

This is a message from Open Rights Group.


Ofcom's code to target alleged filesharers is missing vital standards of evidence and limits your right to appeal.


Let them know what you think about this.


We know this can lead to the wrong people going to court and facing fines. Only a week ago ACS Law caused a storm of complaints as they wrongfully accused people of downloading songs by the Ministry of Sound.

We have two days to reply to Ofcom's “Draft Code” and tell them that it

  • fails to set standards of evidence, instead leaving it up to copyright owners to decide what counts,
  • fails to set standards for internet service providers, creating greater chances for error,
  • threatens the existence of WiFi networks by forcing them to either be an ISP or a subscriber
  • fails to set criteria for storing and collecting personal data, leaving it open to misuse.

What can you do about it?

We have two days to reply, so send your consultation response now. It will only take two minutes.

Thank you,

Jim Killock

Thank you for  taking action.


Jim Killock

Executive Director, Open Rights Group



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