Here comes IPRED2.

It seems like the European Union has learnt from Sweden that any important and/or kontriversial subject, must be hidden under the radar.
Because in the middle of vaication, IPRED2 surfaces.

A big thank you to Erik Josefsson for his invention "tratten", without it the document might have been missed in the enormous amount of crap the EU presses out every week.

Criminal measures aimed at ensuring the enforcement of intellectual property rights

inte mycket text i det dokumentet, men det går att spåra vidare.

Men läs avslutningen.

"a new article 10 provides that, where law enforcement authorities seize infringing items or obtain other evidence of infringement, the authorities must make such evidence available for use in pending or contemplated civil proceedings against the alleged infringer brought by the right-holder before a court of competent jurisdiction within the European Union.
Where practicable, those authorities must inform the right-holder concerned that they are in possession of such items or evidence.
Member States may require that any such provision of evidence to the right-holder be made subject to reasonable access, security or other requirements so as to ensure the integrity of the evidence and to avoid prejudice to any criminal proceedings that may ensue."

In short, if law-enforcements (police, customs etc) finds evidence of pirated material, they ar obligated to immediately give the information to rightsholders.
The IFPI will not anymore be forced to ask for it through a court of justice.
Now, this is byrocratic-lingo, so if i misenterpretated it, please correct it.

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