Give Julian Assange sanctuary in Sweden. (wikileaks)

Since the news was spread that wikileaks has some 260.000 documents in their possession about american foreign politics, the founder Julian Assange, has gone underground.

Sweden has a long tradition in aiding political refugees, and so we should do now if it comes to this.

We know that the CIA and other american security-organizations have plenty of blood on their hands and if these documents contain proof of criminal acts, then anything can happen,

So join me in this shoutout.

Sweden, give Julan Assange Sanctuary!

AB, AB2, Daily Mail, Independent, Telegraph.
Caught in the act, Björnbrum, Svensk Myndighetskontroll,

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Postat av: Udin

Rätt tänkt!

2010-06-13 @ 17:37:23

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