Suspected Prime-minister killer and member of "baton-league" elected for the ruling party in Sweden.

Anti Avsan, member of the notorious "baton-league" (Norrmalmspolisens Batong-liga) who assaulted and at atleast one occation suspected in the murder of homeless/drug-attics members of the community, and suspect in the "police-trace" in the murder of Prime minister Olof Palme (Dekoriamannen) has been elected into the parliament for the ruling party, the Conservative Moderate party.

4 years ago 2 ministers were kicked out because of not paying the TV-license and hiring a nanny without paying taxes.

But a (suspected) Prime Minister-killer seems to be OK.

Theres something wrong i the kingdom of Sweden.

Scaber Nestor, Arnesdotter, Sven Anér.
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Postat av: Billy G

The correct word is SUSPECTED.. he has not been convicted on any charges so far, and unless he is convicted of any crime I see no reason not to allow him to be a member of the parliment.

Not paying TV-licence is a crime in sweden, so is hiring black labour..

PP ftw ofc.. but if we nag about beatrice ask's purple envelops of SUSPECTED sex offenders, then we should not whine about this person, what ever he is "suspected" of..

2010-09-25 @ 12:37:04
Postat av: DNMR

And thus i write "suspected".

I recommend that you read the links, then you will see that it is more to this story.

2010-09-25 @ 15:38:02
Postat av: Per Kvist

To be innocent until proven guilty is a rule for the comman man. That rule cannot be valid for persons sitting on chairs based on trust. When you read about this guy, you will find he is guilty as sin, but he has obviously covered by police and our legal system. To have this guy in parliament is a shame for our democracy. A shame.

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