Help Orphan works remain Orphan works. Contact your MEP.

Yes, here we go.
The European Parliament are deciding on what to do with orphan works. (wiki)
The copyrignt-industry wants to make money from it (as usual, even when they don't have the rights)

So please, write to your MEP and argue that Orphan Works must remain Orphan works.
Ask them, plead them, beg them if you have to, to go for Option 2.

As usual.
Copy and spread!

Niklas S.
The New Swedish Civil Rights Movement.

"The creation of a legal framework to facilitate the cross-border digitisation and dissemination of orphan works in the single market is also one of the key actions identified in the Digital Agenda for Europe which is part of the Europe 2020 Strategy.

IMPACT ASSESSMENT: the impact assessment analyses six options:


  • Option 1: do nothing,
  • Option 2: a statutory exception to copyright, <------ THIS IS WHAT WE ARE WOO'ING FOR!!!
  • Option 3: extended collective licensing,
  • Option 4: an orphan-specific licence granted by collecting societies,
  • Option 5: an orphan-specific licence granted by a public body, and
  • Option 6: the mutual recognition of national solutions regarding orphan works.


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