Dear Glenmorangie destillery, from a former customer - how about i make you go bust? (the Luis Vuitton-scandal)

This is about Nadia Pleisner and her struggle to ease poverty and starvation in Darfur.
She made a t-shirt with a motive of a starving child holding a chihuahua and a luxuary-handbag.
The t-shirt sold in plenty and she could therefore use the money to send off supplies to the starving population of Darfur.


Luis Vuitton thought that the handbag looked like one of theirs.
So they sued her, and won.
So she made a painting instead, claiming artistic freedom.
And they sued her again, and won because in the Dutch court you can sue and win without the counterpart even having the knowledge about it's even been i court.

This is madness.

So what can i do?

The one thing i can do, write about it.

Through Henrik Alexandersson i found out that the Luis Vuitton HM owns quite a few brands and one in particular is one i use, i wrote them this letter.

Hello, my name is Niklas Starow, resident of Lund - Sweden.
I have been a whiskey-connoisseur for at least 15 years now and in my favourites is your 18yo and the port wood finish.

But i am also a human rights activist, writing columns and blogging at Scaber Nestor ( and The new Swedish civil rights movement ( aswell as my political involvement in the Swedish Liberal Democratic Party. (

And since your owner Luis Vuitton HM has sued and managed to win that lawsuit against Nadia Pleisner, who fights against powerty and starvation in the Darfur-region, i have no other choice then to stop buying and drinking your brand until that unjust lawsuit has been laid down.

Yours truly.

Niklas Starow
Former customer.

This is actually really easy.
If they loose more then five grand per day....
They will go bust.

These are some the brands that LVHM owns.
Hennessy, Moët & Chandon, Dom Pérignon, Veuve Clicquot, Krug, Glenmorangie, Bulgari, Château d'Yquem, Kenzo, Givenchy, Christian Dior, TAG Heuer

Lets make them go bust.

Here's the picture.

Sue me if you dare you c*ntfaced motherf*ckers.

DN, DR, AFP, Le Parisien.
Tankestörningar, TrulyTherese, Christian Engström, Henry, Viktualiebrodern, Torbjörn Jerlerup, Jami och Pandorna, Farmor Gun, Opassande.

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