If Scott Walker (R-Gov Wisconsin) could, he would do a "Khadaffi" on his citizens.

From SR (swe), Chicago Mag and Huffington Post i read about the North-Central US answer to Libya's Colonel Khadaffi, Scott Walker (republican Governor of Wisconsin).

Is this joker for real?

He tries to do budget-cuts that arn't necessary while spitting the union organizations in the face and has issued arrest-orders on the political opposition?

It's my opinion that this Governor is out of his fucking mind.
Yes, it's not really well handled by the democrats skipping off to Illonois, but the actions Goc Walker is issuing is way out of proportion.

Hopefully this will reflect on the next elections.
Unless Gov Walker psycotic break takes on a whole new level and he does a "khadaffi" on his citizens.

I actually think he's capable of it....

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