The EU demands that Canada changes its IP and copyright-laws.

From Michael Geist' blog.

Proposed EU - Canada Trade Agreement Intellectual Property Chapter Leaks


What are some of the EU's demands?
  • Copyright term extension. The current term of copyright law in Canada is life of the author plus 50 years.  This is consistent with the term requirements under the Berne Convention.  The EU is demanding that Canada add an additional 20 years by making the term life plus 70 years.
  • WIPO ratification. The EU is demanding that Canada respect the rights and obligations under the WIPO Internet treaties.  The EU only formally ratified those treaties this week.
  • Anti-circumvention provisions. The EU is demanding that Canada implement anti-circumvention provisions that include a ban on the distribution of circumvention devices.  There is no such requirement in the WIPO Internet treaties.
  • ISP Liability provisions. The EU is demanding statutory provisions on ISP liability where they act as mere conduits, cache content, or host content.  ISPs would qualify for a statutory safe harbour in appropriate circumstances.  There is no three-strikes and you're out language (which presumably originates with the U.S.).
  • Enforcement provisions. The EU is demanding that Canada establish a host of new enforcement provisions including measures to preserve evidence, ordering alleged infringers to disclose information on a wide range of issue, mandate disclosure of banking information in commercial infringement cases, allow for injunctive relief, and destruction of goods.  There is also a full section on new border measures requirements.
  • Resale rights. The EU is demanding that Canada implement a new resale right that would provide artists with a royalty based on any resales of their works (subsequent to the first sale).
  • Making available or distribution rights. The EU is demanding that Canada implement a distribution or making available right to copyright owners.

Now, if the EU demands this of other countries, can countries within the EU avoid changes in their legislation?
I can't see any other way than stone cold lobbyism and activism towards MEP's.

Contact your MEP and ask them/tell them that this isn't right.

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Songwriter's Guild of America against Net Neutrality (and pro-ACTA)

From "Techdirt"

There has been an effort made by some to try to connect the totally unrelated issues of network neutrality and unauthorized file sharing together. There is no connection between the two, but that won't stop busy lobbyists from doing their best to drum up such a connection. Copycense points us to the news that Grover Nordquit's group has decided to push this line of nonsense by parroting claims by the Songwriter's Guild of America (SGA) that accepting net neutrality is akin to encouraging piracy.
How? That's not clear, because there's really no connection at all. The best they can say is that net neutrality would prevent efforts to crack down on file sharing (except, every plan for net neutrality has explicitly had exceptions for such things). I've said it before and I'll say it again: I am not in favor of laws mandating neutrality, but the arguments made by those against it are so over-the-top ridiculous that it's actually making me wonder why. There are reasonable arguments against mandating neutrality, but these groups don't make them.

That it's the SGA making these arguments initially shouldn't come as a surprise. The group has a rather antiquated view of business models and modern technology, and its boss has declared in the past that songwriting would not occur without copyright -- an obviously incorrect statement.
The SGA has become a caricature of itself in the last few years. Rather than admitting that the market is changing and working with songwriters to help them adapt, it has basically decided the only reasonable strategy is to go crying to the government for more protectionism, and greater mandatory licensing fees.
This is an odd group for the anti-net neutrality types to team up with, since most of them claim their reasons for being against net neutrality is to get away from government meddling in the internet industry. And then they go and team up with the SGA, who's entire purpose is to encourage more government meddling in the music business? Politics makes strange bedfellows indeed...

Separately, it's probably worth noting that ITIF, a "think tank" in DC and which has been a huge anti-net neutrality voice, has just come out with a poorly researched, poorly argued, joke of a report on "reducing digital piracy." In it, they promote kicking people off the internet (based on accusations, not convictions) under a three strikes regime, and also that ISPs should filter and monitor their networks to try to stop infringement.
Apparently, ITIF is not a big fan of your privacy... but it's own... well, just try to find out who funds ITIF? That's secret. Funny how that works. Otherwise the report repeats a bunch of sweeping claims that have no support in reality, and does not back them up.
It states, repeatedly, that you can't compete with free, even as many smart businesses do that every day. The report advocates DRM, and amusingly fails to mention the massive failure of every DRM system to date, and the harm it has done to legitimate users. But, of course, it saves most of its focus on supporting "technical measures" from ISPs to inspect your content and stop you if they think you're doing anything wrong. Welcome to the big brother state.
The report also supports ACTA, even though it admits it doesn't know what's included. Basically, it's "recommendations" straight from the entertainment industry, with no basis in reality. And, with a nice "net neutrality" tie-in. Those ties seem likely to get closer, which is unfortunate. Funny that those who keep claiming they want the government to "stay out" of the internet, are so keen to have them very actively involved when it comes to copyright.

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New ACTA-leak, document on Intellectual Property.

This document has been leaked to wikileaks.
Its a long document, but i have highlighted the section i find most interesting.

The objectives of this chapter are to:

(a) facilitate the production and commercialization of innovative and creative
products between the Parties; and
(b) achieve an adequate and effective level of protection and enforcement of
intellectual property rights.


Article 17
Measures for Preserving Evidence

1. The Parties shall ensure that, even before the commencement of proceedings on the merits of the case, the competent judicial authorities may, on application by an entity who has presented reasonably available evidence to support his claims that his intellectual property right has been infringed or is about to be infringed, order prompt and effective provisional measures to preserve relevant evidence in respect of the alleged infringement, subject to the protection of confidential information.

2. Each Party may provide that such measures include the detailed description, with or without the taking of samples, or the physical seizure of the alleged infringing goods, and, in appropriate cases, the materials and implements used in the production and/or distribution of these goods and the documents relating thereto. Those measures shall be taken, if necessary without the other party being heard (my underline), in particular where any delay is likely to cause irreparable harm to the right holder or where there is a demonstrable risk of evidence being destroyed.

Now, all isnt bad.
If the document is real, the "Mere Conduit"-principle will be (somewhat) restored.

Article 29.2 - Liability of Intermediary Service Providers: "Mere Conduit"

1. Where an information society service is provided that consists of the transmission in a communication network of information provided by a recipient of the service, or the provision of access to a communication network, Parties shall ensure that the service provider is not liable for the information transmitted, on condition that the provider:

(a) does not initiate the transmission;
(b) does not select the receiver of the transmission; and
(c) does not select or modify the information contained in the transmission.

More on ACTA:
Mynewsdesk, NBR, V3, V3:2, Doom4, New Zealand Labour, ZDNet:UK, Ben Buckman, Kevin King.

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The Christmas-campain against IPRED goes on.

To this date 12 bloggers (to my knowledge) has joined the campain against IPRED.

Join in you aswell.

Have this christmas as a "civil rights"-christmas.

(translation: Avoid movie-tickets - ask for Opera-tickets)

(translation: don't get DVD's - ask to go to the theatre)

These are the bloggers

Anna Troberg
Scaber Nestor
Farmor Gun
Bandhunden skäller

PS - A big study from the KTH-University shows that artists has increased their revenue by 35% since philesharing bloomed in 2000.

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A Christmas protest against IPRED "Give Events and Experiences instead of plastic junk this Christmas"

Well, that was a rough translation but you get my drift.

A few swedish bloggers (including me)  has started a christmas campain against the IPRED law, where we ask you to ask for, and give away live-events and experiences like live-concerts, theatre-tickets or why not take the family to the operas?

Much better than pieces of plastic like cd's and dvd's.

Those you shold get for free when going to a concert.

So, copy this into your own blogs, link to the others in the campain.

Olof B.

Scaber Nestor.

Grandma Gun.

Yami and the Pandas.

Link-love is a digital hug.

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Youtube-movies from 16-17 Azar (Free Iran)

8 sidor, HD, Boston, Radio Free Europe, Wall Street Journal, JensO, Open Democracy, Yahya's, Canada free press.

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Photos from todays protests in Iran (might be misspelled, my arabic is not flawless) 16 آذر پس از 56 سال

From Ayandenews.


دانشگاه تهران 16 آذر 1388

خیابان ولی عصر ، دانشگاه هنر

سردر دانشگاه تهران صبح 16 آذر 1388

دانشگاه شریف

دانشگاه تهران

خیابان انقلاب 16 آذر 1388

دانشگاه تهران، دانشجویان بسیجی، 16 آذر 1388

دانشگاه تهران، دانشجویان بسیجی، 16 آذر 1388


دانشگاه هنر 16 آذر 1388

دانشگاه علم و صنعت 16 آذر 1388

دانشگاه امیركبیر 16 آذر 1388



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Schwesta - Genaug, campain against "The Surveillance Society"

(Copied from Scaber Nestor)

This is a Black Monday - Network and AK Vorrat campain against the Surveillance Society, copy and spread please. 

Swedish bloggers who write about the fight against the "1984"-society.
Jinge, Felten, Falkvinge, Brihed, JensO, Farmor Gun.

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