The EU demands that Canada changes its IP and copyright-laws.

From Michael Geist' blog.

Proposed EU - Canada Trade Agreement Intellectual Property Chapter Leaks


What are some of the EU's demands?
  • Copyright term extension. The current term of copyright law in Canada is life of the author plus 50 years.  This is consistent with the term requirements under the Berne Convention.  The EU is demanding that Canada add an additional 20 years by making the term life plus 70 years.
  • WIPO ratification. The EU is demanding that Canada respect the rights and obligations under the WIPO Internet treaties.  The EU only formally ratified those treaties this week.
  • Anti-circumvention provisions. The EU is demanding that Canada implement anti-circumvention provisions that include a ban on the distribution of circumvention devices.  There is no such requirement in the WIPO Internet treaties.
  • ISP Liability provisions. The EU is demanding statutory provisions on ISP liability where they act as mere conduits, cache content, or host content.  ISPs would qualify for a statutory safe harbour in appropriate circumstances.  There is no three-strikes and you're out language (which presumably originates with the U.S.).
  • Enforcement provisions. The EU is demanding that Canada establish a host of new enforcement provisions including measures to preserve evidence, ordering alleged infringers to disclose information on a wide range of issue, mandate disclosure of banking information in commercial infringement cases, allow for injunctive relief, and destruction of goods.  There is also a full section on new border measures requirements.
  • Resale rights. The EU is demanding that Canada implement a new resale right that would provide artists with a royalty based on any resales of their works (subsequent to the first sale).
  • Making available or distribution rights. The EU is demanding that Canada implement a distribution or making available right to copyright owners.

Now, if the EU demands this of other countries, can countries within the EU avoid changes in their legislation?
I can't see any other way than stone cold lobbyism and activism towards MEP's.

Contact your MEP and ask them/tell them that this isn't right.

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Postat av: Simon Strandman

Internationella avtal är det rådet som sköter. MAO har parlamentet ingenting att säga till om. Och så har vi förstås ingen möjlighet att demokratiskt ställa de ansvariga till svars.

2009-12-19 @ 13:10:09
Postat av: Hasse

Hur vore det om vi EU-medborgare kunde kontakta Kanada och meddela att EU:s medborgare inte står bakom den här dårskapen utan tvärtom vill minska copyright-tid exempelvis?

2009-12-20 @ 01:00:25

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