What if the protection against Cyber-Attacks is worse than the actual attacks?

Nu är detta uppe för snabb-behandling (av vad jag kan utläsa).


Critical Information Infrastructure Protection: "Protecting Europe from large scale cyber-attacks and disruptions: enhancing preparedness, security and resilience"

3.4.4. International cooperation


"The Internet is a global and highly distributed network of networks, with control centres not necessarily following national boundaries. This calls for a specific, targeted approach in order to ensure its resilience and stability, based on two converging measures. First, achieving a common consensus on the European priorities for the resilience and stability of the Internet, in terms of public policy and of operational deployment. Secondly, engaging the global community to develop a set of principles, reflecting European core values, for Internet resilience and stability, in the framework of our strategic dialogue and cooperation with third countries and international organisations. These activities would build upon the recognition by the World Summit on Information Society[25] of the key importance of the stability of the Internet."

Stability of internet sounds good, but what do they actually need to do to keep it stabil?

I say the transparency, the insurance of anonymity if not under criminal investigation has to be fundamental for the Internet as we know it will survive.

With the latest legislation in different countries, like the french HADOPI-law and the soon to come ACTA-agreement, i feel a cold shiver down my spine when i read about politicians wanting to "stabilize" the Internet.

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